Whiskey Neat (Drama) (2017)
Current Season, Drama
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Paul Milord
Paul Milord & Deb Brunette
Charlie Misovye

An original work by Paul Milord, Whiskey Neat is set in Chicago, 1949.  The action takes place in the back room/accounting office of an illegal high end gambling club run by an Irish Mob.  We have an unassuming accountant, Harry, who has the ear of his boss, Beverly (who secretly pines for Harry).  We have two gunmen, Roy and Ed, one a funny, bored drinker and ersatz bank guard, the other an enforcer/bouncer.  We have a blunt, malignant floor manager, Izzi.  And we have a cocktail waitress, Trudy, who despises her job. Into this mix steps Beverly’s nephew, Mike, who stirs up a hornet’s nest of emotion, confrontation and violence, as he pursues his romantic interest, Trudy, and forces his Aunt Beverly to confront her past.  Whiskey Neat is a study in loneliness, loss, love…and redemption.

Show Dates

Performance Date First Show Second Show
1/12/2018 7:30PM One show only
1/13/2018 7:30PM One show only
1/14/2018 2:00PM One show only
1/18/2018 7:30PM One show only
1/19/2018 7:30PM One show only
1/20/2018 7:30PM One show only
1/21/2018 2:00PM One show only

Ticket Prices

Adults: $20.00

Seniors (Age: 65+): $19.00

Students (with Student ID): $15.00

Groups (25+): $15.00


Address: 330 W. 202 Street, Chicago Heights

Phone: 708-755-3444

Audition Info

Tuesday – October, 3, 2017 – 7:30-10:00pm

Thursday – October 5, 2017 – 7:30-10:00pm

Please be prepared to read from the script.

Please bring a photo of yourself that we may keep.

Scripts will be available for perusal at the box office 6 weeks prior to auditions.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a community theatre, non-equity and non-pay production.

QUESTIONS:  dcairns@dramagroup.org



Beverly Kilrain (40+)  The boss.  Respected, smart and tough.  Beautifully dressed. Perfect style.  A blunt speaker, with a strong voice.  Beneath it all, a lonely soul, with no realistic avenue to escape her solitude.  A powerful, commanding personality, with a damaged, hurt, and volatile spirit.

Harry Delaney (35+)  The accountant.  Excellent at his job.  Highly intelligent. Shrewd.  Sees the big picture.  Understands people and their motivations.  Can be kind, tough, or neutral, depending on the situation.  He is not weak, or small, or cowardly.  Quite the opposite.  He is a genuinely honorable man of unshakeable quality.

Roy McCluskey (30+)  A gunman, muscle.  Bored.  Funny.  Irreverent.  Restless and trapped, he dreams of being back in the real action on the street.  He finds solace in liquor and laughter.  Underneath, he is a man who is desperate for attention and respect, and deeply resents his current standing.

Ed Gorham (35+)  A gunman, muscle.  An enforcer.  Ed is tough, no question, but  also has an excellent sense of humor and is strongly romantic.  Can show deep anger and cold hatred, but he is also a vulnerable soul.  He is a lonely man, unable to advance himself, unable to find love, unable to live his dream.

Mike Kilrain (18-25)  Beverly’s nephew.  Funny, honest, and very tough.  A real romantic.  A real brawler.  He’s more emotional than he is intelligent.  Acts impulsively.  Causes trouble.  Stirs things up.  He is responsible for the upheaval of all the other character’s lives.

Trudy Sullivan (18-25)  A cocktail waitress.  Despises her job.  Wants out in the worst way.  Dreams of riches, power and escape.  She has a hard shell, but a soft center.  Angry, hurt, and trapped.  Yet, beneath it all, she is romantic, kind, and genuinely fun.

Izzi (50+)  The floor manager.  A hard case.  Booming voice.  Aggressive, jealous, and cold.  Confrontational, angry, and territorial.  A man whose primary love is power.  He’s old school, thinks he’s always right, and pushes for his agenda first and foremost, always.

Note: They are an all Irish gang, but they are all Americans, born and raised.  None have an Irish accent.



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