Little Shop of Horrors (2016)
Open date:
Book :
Howard Ashman
MaryEllen Fawk & Andy Leahy
Charlie Misovye
MaryEllen Fawk
Musical Director:
Angela Marciszewski
Original MUSIC & LYRICS:
Alan Menken

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Seymour works at a flower shop, attending a plant who he has named Audrey II (after the love of his life, Audrey). However, his plant is no normal plant. It came from outer space and requires a diet of fresh blood. Seymour starts by giving the plant his own blood, but, when people start dying, the plant wants more than a few drops of blood.

Show Dates
Performance Date First Show Second Show
10/21/2016 7:30PM One show only
10/22/2016 7:30PM One show only
10/23/2016 2:00PM One show only
10/27/2016 7:30PM One show only
10/28/2016 7:30PM One show only
10/29/2016 2:00PM 7:30 PM
10/30/2016 2:00PM One show only


Ticket Prices

Adults: $21.00
Seniors (Age: 65+): $20.00
Students (with Student ID): $15.00
Groups (25+): $15.00



Address: 330 W. 202 Street, Chicago Heights
Phone: 708-755-3444


Cast List
Audrey played by
Samm Hilger
Mr. Mushnick played by
Paul Milord
Audrey II (voice) played by
Aaron Mitchell Reese
Crystal played by
Maria Szczasny
Patrick Martin played by
Ben Davis
Customer played by
Timothy Bray
Skip Snip played by
Brian Giblin
Seymour played by
Ron Bowden, Jr.
Orin Scrivello, DDS played by
Michael Mesirow
Chiffon played by
Alexandria Irby
Ronnette played by
Lauren Torian
Bum #1 played by
Izaiah Harris
Mr. Bernstein played by
Angelo Greene
Bum #2 played by
Brian Giblin
Audrey II (puppeteer) played by
Mike C.C. Cabsinger
Mrs. Luce played by
Izaiah Harris