Eating Raoul (Musical)
Current Season, Musical
Open date:
Book :
Paul Bartel
Stacy Louise
Charlie Misovye
Cathie Drakulich
Musical Director:
Mark Jancosek
Original MUSIC & LYRICS:
Jed Feuer & Boyd Graham

The cult film classic has new life as a zany musical.  The Blands want to open a restaurant, but they need cash.  Suppose they lure weirdos to their apartment to kill and rob them? Soon, they are a financial success, but disposing of the bodies is a problem.  Enter their devious apartment super, Raoul, with a proposition: he will take care of the corpses for a cut (when he’s not performing at a tacky nightclub) as well as seduce Mary right under Paul’s nose.  The partnership runs amok, and Mary ultimately has to decide who to spend her life with. Who will win her heart? Will the restaurant dream become reality? And what or who is for dinner?????

Show Dates

Performance Date First Show Second Show
11/10/2017 7:30PM One show only
11/11/2017 7:30PM One show only
11/12/2017 2:00PM One show only
11/16/2017 7:30PM One show only
11/17/2017 7:30PM One show only
11/18/2017 2:00PM 7:30PM
11/19/2017 2:00PM One show only

Ticket Prices

Adults: $21.00

Seniors (Age: 65+): $20.00

Students (with Student ID): $15.00

Groups (25+): $15.00


Address: 330 W. 202 Street, Chicago Heights

Phone: 708-755-3444

Audition Info

Monday – August 7, 2017 – 7:30-10:00pm

Tuesday – August 8, 2017 – 7:30-10:00pm

Please be prepared to read from the script.

Be prepared to sing something ideally from the show or in the style of the show.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for the dance portion of the audition.

Please bring a photo of yourself that we may keep.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a community theatre, non-equity and non-pay production.



The characters in Eating Raoul may be cast in a great variety of ages and interpretations. It is recommended that several of the secondary parts be played by the same actors. Actual division of parts will be decided after auditions and please note there is really no “chorus only” for this show. Everyone in the ensemble has multiple roles.

MARY BLAND– (female 20-40ish) The wife of Paul. Sweet and innocent. Very pretty, unconsciously sexy in a naive sort of way. Big transformation throughout the show. Actress playing this role must be comfortable with their body and dressing and playing “sexy”. Soprano, dances.

PAUL BLAND– (male 20-45ish) The husband of Mary. Not pretty or sexy. Could be cast short, tall, thin, fat, bald or nerdy. Hopelessly square but sincere, tenacious and lovable. Tenor, some dance/movement

RAOUL– (male 20-40ish) A sexy Latino with a weakness for women and a talent to match his gigantic ego. We need a strong character actor here. Tenor, dances.

DONNA THE DOMINATRIX-(female 25-50ish) A kinky little bundle of energy with a voice as big as all outdoors; at home, a sweet housewife and mother. Mezzo.


THE SEXPERT SINGERS-(female 20-30) 2-3 cute, sexy backup singers on a local cable show.

THE RAOULETTS- GLADYS & INEZ– (female 20-30)- 2 knockout, if sluttish, young chicas. All boobs, butt and tongue. Dance and sing.

YOLANDA-(female mature) a former star of a certain age. Heavy Latino accent.

METER MAID– (female adult) hip and board with it all.

BASKETBALL PERV. –(female adult)  very butch, hyper sex client fast bold little song in a James Brown funk style.


DONNA’S S&M GUYS– (male adults)- dopy, lovable singing sex telegram guys. Do not need to be good looking-would be funnier if they were big, chubby lugs willing to let their love handles show.

DOBERMAN– (male adult) Mary’s boss-an officious lecher

KRAY– (male adult) Paul’s heartless, mean boss

LEECH– (male adult) loan officer- an oily, smooth talking womanizer.

HOWARD- (male adult) swinger, bad taste incarnate who thinks he’s hip.

JAMES-(adult male) real estate broker-always smiling would say or do anything to make a sale.

BOBBY-(adult male) an obsessive case of arrested adolescence

JUNIOR-(adult male) a rotund gourmand (may be a fat suit). 1920’s style little song.

GINGER-(adult male) built like a football player but dresses like Ginger Rodgers-and can dance like her too. Including tap. Either can be a great dancer or someone who fantasizes that he is great. Big bold song.

PACO– bouncer at Yolanda’s- partner to Raoul for his schemes.

LENNY– fast talking announcer for Donna’s cable show.


In addition to the parts above, there are other parts in the show. Everyone is a tourist, swinger, victim, stick up man etc. everyone must sing and at least, “move”. This is not a heavy dance show except for the few characters listed and that is still not heavy dance. This show takes place in the early swingin’ 70’s. Everyone needs to be comfortable with their bodies (there is a kooky hot tub scene) but it is important to know everyone does not need to be good looking. This is a fun, tongue-in cheek show. Think “Sweeney Todd meets The Dick Van Dyke Show meets Laugh-In”. Adults only please.

Vocal ranges:

1) Paul Bland: True, comfortable Tenor 1, Vocal range in the show is B2–Bb4  (this role has a decent amount of high ending “money notes)

2) Raoul: True, comfortable Tenor 1, Vocal range in the show is B2–A4 (this role has a lot of ending song high “money notes”)

3) Mary: Either a True, comfortable Soprano 1, or a Mezzo Soprano with a flexible, comfortable upper range, Vocal range in the show is C4–B5

4) Ensemble Women (including ancillary characters, Donna, etc..), all Mezzo Sopranos, with top high notes of G5 in the top soprano chorus parts, and lower second soprano parts

5) Ensemble Men (including all ancillary characters of Ginger, Bobby, Junior, etc…), all Tenors, with top high notes of G4, and lower 2nd tenor parts.

Basically, for the ensemble and side characters, I need folks who can hold solid Mezzo and at least Tenor 2 range notes.  There is nothing in this show that is really low in terms of true bass or alto parts.  The “Raoulettes” and all girl ensemble parts have a high mezzo (F’s and G’s) on the top notes of all voicings, and then lower regular mezzo notes on the 2nd soprano parts.  For the men, the top ensemble men parts can even touch true tenor A5’s in one or two places, but stay fairly high around F4’s in many of the songs.

In a nutshell, we need a lot of solid sopranos and tenors for everything in this show.

Please contact Stacy with questions or if you are interested in a perusal script.

Casting: 5-6 women, 5-6 men. All adult. Age 20-50s



Cast List
Cast details not available at this time - please check back.